‘The trillion dollar revolution in Bitcoin will be mobile’

BTC Mobile Application

BTC Mobile is a true handheld alternative for trading all things Bitcoin, this app allows the secure purchase of Bitcoin (BTC), convert your fiat, stable coins and other cryptos into Bitcoin (BTC) via a this fast and simple to use smartphone app.

Introducing BTC Mobile’s own (BTCv2)

BTCv2 is a type of Bitcoin that allows you to easily convert your Bitcoins into normal everyday spending money utilsing a combination of WBTC and TrustToken, the company behind the TrueUSD (TUSD) stablecoin.


Faster Peer to Peer Transactions

Lowest Cost Global Payments

Zero Consumption Mining

BTC Mobile app has integrated the latest Trust Token technology, also connects with:

Bitgo (WBTC) as the leading wrapper token on the market and Bitgo also services BTCv2 custody wallet.

WBTC is a currency which has its value attached to Bitcoin (BTC), WBTCDEX is the exchange for WBTC and a great way to exchange various ERC20 tokens for BTCv2 or WBTC.



also utilising True USD during downward volatility, meaning BTCv2 and other BTC Mobile application trade services offers users an optional ‘store of value’ that does not fluctuate in price like Bitcoin (BTC), thus providing a favourable alternative store of value to BTC Mobile’s (BTCv2) currency.

Yieldery Finance – Enterprise Defi Aggregator and Defi partner for BTC Mobile and BTCv2.

Syscoin – will be utilised as a BTCv2 enterprise resource, the Z-DAG protocol serves Ethereum, Bitcoin and Stablecoins.

BTC Proxy (BTCpx) is a wrapper token that will be used for BTCv2 to have entry in Defi.


Han ETF – the creators of BTCe as a Bitcoin ETF with European coverage allows BTCv2 ETFs via a whitelabel ETF service.

Bitcoin DAO for institutional investment, is launching BTCv2 Futures.


Bitcoin Atom (BCA) a BTC led digital asset exchange can allow BTCv2 to offer on-chain atomic swaps.