Wrappie ‘wrapped token technology’ is the operational HQ for the Wrapped Token development program, with Wrappie, BTC Mobile can develop wrapped assets for various currencies. Wrappie has agreed to develop BTC Mobile’s currency BTCv2 as the zero energy mining BTC alternative.


REUM.io offers blockchains, platforms, dapps and tools. REUM.tech is where .codeless .vimoose and .encrypto. and other REUM software is developed. REUM.host and as REUM.stream both provide assistance to companies on the blockchain.


Bankwith challenger offers a unique market for both online and offline environments. BTC Mobile partnership with the Bankwith challenger means users can create a universal account (JV account with Bankwith and BTC Mobile app) and download your choice of wallet.

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates is a London based organisation operating within enterprise blockchain technology, fintech, banking and financial services. The finsec associates will bridge the finsec regulation and compliance resource gap between fiat currency and digital currencies.